What a scary scene from a busy intersection in Lafayette on Tuesday morning.

Motorists witnessed an individual running through traffic at Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom Tuesday morning before deciding to lay down on the road.

The person in the middle of the busy intersection stayed on the ground for several seconds as vehicles drove by.

Ultimately, the person runs away and ends up jumping around on a nearby sidewalk.

We aren't sure as to why this person did this at the busy intersection, but we hope that someone got to this individual before they injured themself.

I should note here that some say they attempted to help the person here, but that the person acted in an aggressive manner, and police were notified of the situation

The individual in this viral video was last seen walking away from the intersection while on a sidewalk.

We are told by someone close to the person in the viral video, which was posted by Michael McCartney on Facebook, that she was going through a mental breakdown.

The good news is that she is currently receiving medical attention and is in good care at the moment.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental breakdown, you can reach out for help by calling, (877) 995-5247.

An eyewitness to this scary scene commented on this story. Check out what she says happened while at the intersection in Lafayette.



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