Just give this woman the trophy for "Mother Of The Year."

A woman in Georgia forced her 13-year-old son to shop at a Goodwill store after she learned that her son was laughing at other kids at school who were wearing clothes from Walmart and Goodwill.

The mother here, Cieera Brittany Forney, had her son walk through Goodwill with his $20 and shop for clothes that he'd have to wear to school for a week.

She was not going to allow her son to treat other kids like he did at school and she taught him a lesson of a lifetime by shopping at this store.

I hope he learned something from this and I hope others do too. Some just aren't as fortunate as others and we should NEVER hold that against them.

For the record, like Mrs. Forney, I too love Goodwill and Walmart!!  And I do think that one day he'll look back on this day and thank his mother.

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