Have you ever found something in an old coat or jacket pocket that stopped you in your tracks? Maybe you found a $20 bill or a program from a memorable event that you attend when you last wore a jacket or overcoat. Most of the time these little reminders of our past and that we forgot to empty our pockets result in merely a smile or the recollection of a pleasant memory.

However, sometimes what we find in old clothing can be downright unsettling. Such would be the case with James Willis. James, like a lot of us, enjoys time on the social media platform Tik Tok. his Tik Tok channel is @unicorntacoz and he has shared an incident on his page that happened about ten years ago.

What James discovered in the pocket of that coat from Goodwill was a funeral notice. Not just any funeral notice either. It was the funeral notice of a man who shared his same first and last name. And, to make this even stranger, the individual lived in the exact same town as James just twenty years earlier.

Now, you might be thinking from the above video that this is some Tik Tok trickeration but apparently it's not. James purchased the coat as part of a Dr Who cosplay costume and in a subsequent Tik Tok he showed the funeral notice in more detail.


What's even odder is the fact that James was doing cosplay on Dr Who, which is a story based on a character that travels through time. Which has led the Internet to go even further down this rabbit hole. Some commenters even suggest that James is actually a time traveler who just happened to stop in the present to get his coat.

Regardless, it's a rather strange turn of events and the kind that will keep Internet sleuths up well into the wee small hours of the morning attempting to solve. Meanwhile, the rest of us will just sit back and have a snack, well, that's what I'm going to do.

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