An entire community in Northern New England has been searching for a missing teddy bear with a bag of ashes of the owner's son inside. After a massive search, the bear has been found.

The original Facebook post—

We need your help. This teddy bear may have been donated to the Windham, Maine store recently, and may have made its way to Hooksett, NH. The former owner reached out because this teddy bear contains a bag of his son's ashes inside. We would love to get this back to its original home. The bear is wearing a brown knit sweater, as pictured. If you have any information, please DM us. We are not 100% sure that this bear was donated to Goodwill. But there's a strong chance, so we need to try our best to reunite it with its owner. -Original Facebook Post from Goodwill Northern New England

Even though it wasn't certain that the bear was donated to Goodwill, Goodwill in Northern New England took to social media to get the word out. And it worked, the bear was found!

As it turns out the bear was not donated to Goodwill. The nonprofit organization thanks everyone for sharing the post, The bear and the bag of ashes were reunited with its owner.

Thank you all for getting the word out. Our customers and donors art the best people in the whole world. -Goodwill Northern New England

The family is also looking for a "sentimental box and quilt" that may have been donated to another Goodwill location in Maine.

All our employees are on the lookout for these items. We're sharing this photo with the family's permission in hopes to find these items too. -Goodwill Northern New England

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