You may have heard about or seen the posts by  San Diego TikTocker Valencia Walker who claims to have found her family's old phone number on a piece of paper left behind in a nightstand she purchased at a thrift store. The family hasn't had a landline in almost 20 years.

Walker opens up the first of three TikTok posts by saying she doesn't care if anyone believes her...this really happened. She went into her local Goodwill store looking for a pair of nightstands. What she found was shocking, if it really happened.

My heart is still a little fluttery, a little trembly. -Valencia Walker

Walker claims to have found a crumpled piece of paper that read, "Carly's home number" and "Carly's mom's cell phone number". Valencia recognized the home number as her mom's and the cell number as her mom's cell number. Valencia has a sister named Carly.

The universe is crazy. What are the chances of that? Like for real? I go thrifting and I wind up owning nightstands previously owned by one of my little sister's friends? - Valencia Walker

Comments are from one extreme to the other. But more and more people are skeptical if this unusual event, that has hit major news outlets around the world, is real? With 3.3 million people in San Diego County, what are the chances?

She also revealed that using some other papers she found in the furniture she was able to put together who the previous owner was, then found that woman on Facebook and messaged her. It was somewhat anti-climactic from there, with the woman not being as blown away by it as Valencia.

Walker stands by her findings and has even posted pics of the refurbished nightstands.

First TikTok video showing the note and Walker's amazement.

The update to her first video claiming she found more than just the note with the phone numbers.

The final video showing the refurbished nightstands.

Walker claims to also have found other papers in the nightstands that lead her to the last owner.

True or not?

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