I am not certain if they are the most popular band from Vermilion Parish, but I do know that a lot of people will know this band, especially our Vermilion Parish friends.

Photo courtesy of The Fa-Tras Band 2
Photo courtesy of The Fa-Tras Band 2

The Fa-Tras have been entertaining crowds since 1982. I first remember seeing them around that time at a festival in Downtown Abbeville, and I distinctly remember how much fun they have on stage. It's infectious!

From what  I remember, when the band first got together it was Mr. Russel Gary who was the life of the party.

This clip is from their 1984 performance at the Mt. Carmel/VC May Festival.

Mr. Russell (with the tambourine in the video) was a huge presence wherever he went, with a huge smile and a booming voice, both of which were outsized by his heart.

From graduation festivals to graduation parties, weddings to election headquarters celebrations, the Fa-Tras are still a favorite, especially among the residents of Vermilion Parish.

Members of the band have come and gone over the years, but I'm sure that if you could round up all of their memories into one book, it would fly off of the bookstore shelves!

The Fa-Tras are still around, making new memories for a new generation. Let's hope that they stay together to bring joy to festivals and parties for years to come!

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