Ask any festival go-er, bar-hopper, fundraiser, casino patron or nightclub dancer in Acadiana if they've ever heard of 5th Avenue, and the answer will be a resounding "YES!".

This iconic band has been entertaining since the early 1980s and, according to a recent post on social media, they are ready to hang it up.

Tracy Menard, one of the original members of the band, posted a notice of their "final" concert - along with a heartfelt thanks to their fans. He also gave an explanation of the "why" of the announcement.

If you don't know anyone, personally, who is in a band, then you may not know the dedication it takes to perform, weekend after weekend, holiday after holiday, week after week, year after year. For as much fun it is, the gigs take away from family time. They take away from birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc. The gigs, in short, take a toll.

Granted, the gigs are fun. They are work. They are (usually) lucrative (to an extent). They provide a networking opportunity. Friendships are made. Marriages are created. Dreams are realized.

The entertainment industry can be a real hoot, but a smart entertainer knows when to call it "quits".

Tracy Menard, it appears, is ready to dedicate more to his family. More time for camping. More time for fishing. More time for traveling. More time for sitting on the sofa and just being together.

Is this the end of 5th Avenue? Menard leaves that up in the air, but he does call the December 17th gig at Route 92 their "final" show.

Menard goes on to thank his wife for sticking with him throughout all the late nights and missed family events. He thanks all of the talented musicians who have, through the years, been a part of the band, either on a "permanent" basis, on a "sit-on" basis, or a "hop up here and sing one with us" basis.

The very first event I attended while working for this radio station was at a nightclub. It was on the north side of Lafayette, it was smoky, people were lit up, and the dance floor was full. It stayed full. Why? 5th Avenue was playing.

That was over 20 years ago and not much has changed; the band has been able to keep the dance floor packed through those years.

Thank you guys for a great run! Not to be a pessimist, but I'm kind of hoping that this retirement doesn't work out. (I am guessing that there are loads of other fans who feel the same way!)

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