Summer is here in Louisiana and it is already warming up, and now we know which city in the state is the most humid.

Speaking on a personal notel here, there is nothing worse than walking out of your house on an early summer morning and being slapped in the face with high humidity levels.

Not only does the humidity in the deep south make it difficult to fix your hair on any given day, but at times you are sweating before you even leave your driveway in the morning.

Can you tell that I am not a fan of the humidity here, yes, I've been here my entire life, you can't get accustomed to it.

I recently came across an article on the internet that named the cities in the United States with the highest humidity levels and before I dove into the article I just knew that one or two had to be in Louisiana.

Well, wouldn't you know that the city with the highest humidity level in the country is indeed here in south Louisiana?

For those who forgot humidity is the measure of the amount of water vapor within the air. So, when you walk out the door in the morning and the humidity level is very high, just about everything you touch is wet, which makes for a very uncomfortable start to your day.

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Let's get to the city in Louisiana that is the most humid in the country and according to Today's Home Owner that is the city of Lake Charles.

The average humidity percentage in Lake Charles is 90%, putting it at the top of the list when it comes to defining the most humid cities in the country. Also atop the list are cities like Jackson Mississippi, Meridian Mississippi, along with Port Arthur and Brownsville, Texas.

So, if you aren't a fan of high humidity levels, you may want to limit your time in these cities as they are considered to be the most humid in the country. Oh, Baton Rouge does make the top ten cities with the highest humidity levels too.

As for the cities with the lowest humidity levels in the country, they are Las Vegas, NV (36%), Bishop, CA (38%), Phoenix, AZ (46%), Tucson, AZ (47%), and El Paso, TX (50%).


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