How many firefighters does it take to get a moose out of a pool? No punchline here — the answer is nine.

After vaulting over a fence and falling through the pool cover on the night of October 7, a full-grown moose found himself stranded in a backyard swimming pool in Manchester, NH. Local firefighters staged an emergency rescue, catching the whole endeavor on camera.

“This train-like noise came through the fence and dove right into the pool,” said homeowner George Trapotsis to local New Hampshire news station WMUR 9. “He tore the cover, got entangled and just couldn’t move.”

Though Trapotsis said his first priority was keeping the moose alive and helping it back to safety, once the moose was pulled from the pool unscathed, the extent of the monetary and property damage caused by the incident became apparent.

“Between the cover, the liner, the steps, the fence — now the reality sets in,” Trapotsis said.

Still, the Trapotsis family say it is an experience they’re unlikely to ever forget. Watch the incredible footage below:

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