The Mommy & Me Kidfest is coming up this weekend with several great activities lined up, including a child car seat demonstration.

In a study completed just last year, about 95% of people are using child car seats improperly.  Most people think that they are using them right, but studies show that is not the case.

This Saturday, at the Mommy & Me Kidfest at Parc Sans Souci, a FREE car safety seat demonstration will take place, presented by Moss Motors and the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force.

I had the opportunity to speak with members of the task force, and the statistics associated with car seat usage are quite impressive, when they are installed correctly.

This free demonstration, using YOUR car safety seat in YOUR vehicle will help ensure YOUR child has a better chance of survival in a vehicle crash.  The demonstration also includes taking your contact information in the event of a recall on your brand/model of car safety seat.

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