A very loving mom is showing the world how with a little innovation, motivation and love in your heart...anything is possible.

Lau Patrón is the mother of 9-year-old João Vicente who suffers from cerebral palsy. With the use of a unique contraption, she gives her son the feeling of skateboarding in a video that screams 100% love.

This Brazilian family's love has been displayed on social media platforms around the world and viewed by millions of people.

Mom of the year award goes to this lady! -Dave Bragg

Julie Bateman..."Mama! What a beautiful smile you were rewarded with for your labor of love! Couldn't be more joy radiating from that child's face!"

Dee Torrs..."This is awesome! Kudos to mom and the creator of this adaptation to make that kid smile!! Priceless for sure."

Shaukat Shumaila..."When you look at this precious smile...You will look back on therapies, appointments, equipment, sleepless nights, tears, triumphs, milestones, ignorance, struggle, strength, and you will say with certainty......'It was Absolutely Worth It'"

Gayland McKinney..."Every parent on here knows, that smile was worth every bit of putting that together and the running around."

Philippe Dumont..."That smile is worth all the money in the world I'm speechless to the invention and creator of this amazing toy that spreads joy limitlessly to a child in need... Your Awsome"

Everything about this video is wholesome and heart-melting. We need more beautiful things in this world.

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