Most of us have heard of Helicopter Moms. These are moms that speak for their child, follow their children around everywhere, manage the child’s relationships, and forbid their child to do anything that could be risky.  They believe their controlling ways makes them a better parent.  Well, there is a new term out there for a completely different type of mom. Unicorn Mom.

Embarrassed Teen with Mother

According to, A Unicorn Mom is a mother who is not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor, and couldn’t care less what you think. Basically, unicorn moms don’t give a crap about the small things. Just like the old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. They care about their children and their families, but they DO NOT care for all the politics that come with parenting their children. Unicorn moms are honest, very funny, and always straight-up. They are the moms that love to relax and are always looking for fun. They are the Queen of balancing keeping their children alive and keeping their own sanity.  She doesn’t care one single bit if you don’t like her parenting style. Did I mention the Unicorn mom likes to drink alcoholic beverages? Don’t get me wrong, Unicorn moms aren’t always happy-go-lucky. They’re fierce if need be. They can be grumpy at times and they are definitely not afraid to let you know if you make them angry. Just like unicorns, they have a magic ability that lets them change employee to mom and friend to parent in seconds.  

Are you a Unicorn Mom? 

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