Gender reveal parties are supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion for the mother-to-be, her friends and family. But this mother's prank at her daughter's gender reveal is borderline cruel.

Pregnant TikTok user Ashlee, mom of one boy, had a gender reveal party to find out if her next child was going to be a boy or girl. In the video, it is very clear that she wanted a girl.

Ashlee starts off by holding two balloons, the one in her right hand says, "Girl" and is pink. The one in her left hand is blue and says, "boy". There is one large ballon that Ashlee will pop that will have either blue or pink confetti in it. Pink confetti will mean she'll have a girl, blue confetti will indicate she's having a boy.

Ashlee, standing in front of her friends and family, holds the large balloon up high, takes a pin and pops it. The big gender reveal balloon is loaded with blue confetti to signal she's having a boy but right before the balloon explodes, Ashlee's mom shoots a cannon filled with pink confetti into the air. So, to Ashlee it looked as though she was having a girl.

Ashlee's reaction to the pink confetti is priceless. She clearly wanted a girl.

Clearly you can see I wanted a girl so bad and in that moment, I felt like I hit the lottery. -TikTok User Ashlee


What kind of mom would pull a prank of this nature on an expecting mother like this, in front of everyone, during what is supposed to be a very special day?

I was pissed. TikTok User Ashlee

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