It was Friday afternoon, 5 minutes from COB, and I was walking through the building encouraging my coworkers to leave work on time.

"It's the weekend, y'all get out of here and enjoy yourselves" I told them. Some said they had a few more things to tidy up, others thanked me for the reminder, logged out, gathered up, and hit the door. (Don't be fooled, I have absolutely ZERO authority over these people.)

One coworker in particular said "I have to show you something. THIS is the reason closing time can't get here quickly enough each day". She then proceeded to show me the video, telling me that she found it on her phone one day.

I don't have children, so all I could think about was whether he had his fingers in his nose before he started touching my phone. If I did have children, I know that I would hold this video dear, forever.

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