We've read the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist (and got a chuckle or two), now there may be a real missed connection right here in Lafayette.

Posted to the FOR SALE IN LAFAYETTE page on Facebook, Tara Baudoin attached the picture in hopes of brightening the day of the person for which the note was intended.

"I love you beautiful! You are my heart's epic adventure!" - some guy named Bryan, Facebook.

Tara adds this to the attachment:

Dear Bryan, I hate to tell you but I think you left this on the wrong car.... Everyone else, if you know someone who drives a white Honda Odyssey, share this with her; it might make her day - if she knows a Bryan.

I've got 2 questions: what if "Bryan" is Tara's secret admirer, and is just getting brave enough to leave a note? And, is leaving a note like this (whether it's a secret admirer or not) a creepy thing to do?

Anyhoot, I hope that the note finds its way to the right person!

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