I was hoping to file this one in the "Missed Connections" drawer.

Over the weekend we were in Lafayette running errands and decided to stop at Don's on Johnston Street for a bite to eat. When we got out of the car, we noticed a note on the driver's door of the truck in the next parking spot.

At first, I thought it might be a "We damaged your truck but couldn't find you, here is our contact information". It was more serious than that.

The note, written on (what appears to be) cardstock or a piece of plastic, was wedged between the driver's window and the weather stripping.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Upon closer inspection, we realized that it wasn't a note that someone left to apologize for damage to the vehicle, nor was it a note with a "stay away from the Huevos Rancheros" tip: it was a bonafide flirty-flirt!

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

I saw you walk in and thought you were cute... Call me!  337-XXX-XXXX

No, we didn't call the number - yet.

I will call it in just a minute. Before I do that, you need to know that we did stake out the truck for the next half hour, as we had no idea what to expect when the driver comes out to find the note. One thing that we DIDN'T expect was this:

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

DOH!! The driver wasn't alone!

My first thought when I saw that the driver had a companion: "It's about to go down!" My second thought was this: "Maybe the note was from a friend/family member, and they are just messing with them."

Not knowing the exact situation, I thought that I would (do my best to) keep the 2 individuals as anonymous as possible, so I used my 3rd-grade finger painting lessons to blot out their faces.

What was the reaction of the driver when the note was read, you ask? From what we could see, not much, not much at all. The driver read the note, removed it from the door, and then got into the truck with little to no reaction. The companion, before entering the vehicle, showed no reaction, either.

What I'd like to know is this: what happened after they got into the truck? Did the passenger ask about the note? Did the driver show the note without being prompted? Was the whole thing just a joke?

Okay, it's time for me to make a phone call... brb.

Just as I suspected - it was a joke. A friend of the couple recognized their vehicle and decided to play a prank that, from what I was told, went over very well.

I'm glad it was just a joke, because who would be bold enough to leave a note on a vehicle to say that the driver was cute when it was obvious that the driver had a companion?

On the other hand, had it NOT been a joke, maybe we would have had some pre-Valentine's Day fireworks right there in the parking lot!

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