We all know the story of the Grinch - the green, cynical character who tries to ruin Christmas for everyone. But have you ever heard of a Halloween Grinch?

A recent post to Facebook reminded me that there are some people who can't just mind their own business or, at a minimum, be nice about things.

The Facebook post was a photograph of a note that someone posted in the window on their front door. That note was directed at the "Satanic Socialists" or, as we know them: children.

Are there really people in this country who think that Trick-or-Treaters are "Satanic Socialists"?

This person appears to be using their religion to justify being a Halloween Grinch and, probably, an all-around horrible person.

Wait: is this a War on Halloween??

The note wants the "Satanic Socialists" to know that the people who live in that home are a "PATRIOTIC CHRISTIAN Family!", and that they have jobs and pay taxes.

They also announce that they do not celebrate "Satan's Day", and they don't give away candy to "lazy entitled freeloaders".

Sounds like a nice family, right? Well, read on and we'll change your mind.

The family's stance on Trick-or-Treating? They recommend that, instead of dressing up and going door-to-door for a harmless night of fun, the kids "GET A JOB!!" and "FIND JESUS!!!!".


This is the home of a PATRIOTIC CHRISTIAN FAMILY! We work hard and pay taxes. We do not celebrate Satan's Day. We do not give away free candy to lazy entitled freeloaders. No Hand outs! Welcome to AMERICA!! If you want candy, GET A JOB!!  And FIND JESUS!!!!

I understand religious freedom and a person's right to have opinions about holidays, but I think that the family could have left a much nicer note.

"Sorry, we don't participate in Halloween activities" seems like a simple, polite note to leave. "You are a Satanist, a Socialist, are entitled, and need to find a job and Jesus" seems like there is more hate brewing in their hearts than love.

I guess that being a Halloween Grinch makes them feel that they are righteous and holier-than-thou, but that note paints a different picture.

What's the difference between this Halloween Grinch and the real Christmas Grinch? The real Christmas Grinch eventually found his heart; I don't hold the same hope for this family.


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