Practice your quacks and get in Flying V formation – The Mighty Ducks may be skating onto a TV near you. Reports indicate that the classic kids’ sports comedy is eyeing a return to the ice with a new TV iteration from the original trilogy’s screenwriter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC Signature Studios is developing a new iteration of The Mighty Ducks for TV, though no network has yet been attached, nor has an actual screenplay been written. The project is said to be in its earliest stages, though original screenwriter Steven Brill and Ducks trilogy producer Jordan Kerner are behind the effort, with Brill set to write the script. The logline is apparently being kept under wraps, obscuring if the new Mighty Ducks will reboot the concept, or pick up with characters from the original films.

For those unfamiliar, the original 1992 Mighty Ducks starred Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay, a lawyer court-ordered to coach a youth hockey team as punishment for his DUI. In addition to Estevez, the movie featured early appearances from Joshua Jackson, Elden Henson, Marguerite Moreau and more. The film’s surprising box-office haul produced two sequels and helped christen a real-life Anaheim hockey team, followed by a 1996 cartoon that re-imagined the team as alien ducks. Yes, alien ducks. It was wild.

We may not hear of any progress on the Mighty Ducks TV series for some time, but which direction should the franchise take – reboot or revival? Stay tuned for the latest.

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