A Lafayette man's video has been chosen as a finalist on ABC's America's Funniest Videos.

American's Funniest Videos, the viewer-submitted video clip show, has been providing funny falls, hilarious hiccups, and soul-crushing blows below the belt since Bob Saget first hosted the show in 1989.

Now hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, America's Funniest Videos (or AFV) airs on Sundays on KATC TV3 at 6pm.

Local entrepreneur and all-around good guy Terrance St. Julien is no stranger to working a camera, as he has worked for two major networks in Acadiana as a videographer.

St. Julien, a Carencro native, was a videographer for both KLFY TV10 and KATC TV3, and is quite comfortable behind a camera.

Nowadays, most of his videos are in "Selfie" mode, and they feature either an inspirational message or a plea for help for someone in need.

Terrance St. Julien via Facebook
Terrance St. Julien via Facebook

But one video St. Julien posted on social media made enough of his friends and family laugh that they suggested he submit the clip to America's Funniest Videos, so he did.

It was about two months before St. Julien heard back from AFV and, when he did, they told him that his video would appear on the show. Then, 3 hours later, they called him back with even better news: his video was one of the top 3 finalists for that episode.

As a finalist, we now know that St. Julien's video will make him a little richer. If his video comes in 3rd, he'll win $4,000. A second-place finish would be awarded $6,000, and if his video gets first place, a $20,000 prize will be awarded AND his video is entered in the running for the series finale. The winner of the series finale walks away with $100,000!

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St. Julien is excited about his video having been chosen as a finalist and is, at this very moment, preparing for a Zoom meeting with the producers of the show.

So, what's on the video? It's something to which most of us in South Louisiana can relate: mosquitoes.

On a fishing trip over the summer, St. Julien was in Hackberry looking for a big fish to take his bait when he, himself, became the bait for some hungry mosquitoes.

Not just a few mosquitoes, but so many mosquitoes that they are blatantly obvious on the video and, the more St. Julien slaps them away, the more they seem to multiply.

Terrance St. Julien via Facebook
Terrance St. Julien via Facebook

At first, he said that he would endure the mosquitoes because he loved to fish so much, but it only took a few seconds of slapping at the "gangster" mosquitoes, as he calls them, before he throws in the towel and headed back to Lafayette.

No word on if he caught any fish on that trip but, as we now know, he WILL see a payday for that video soon.

As it stands, the taping of the show will take place on November 12, with the episode airing on December 11.

Good luck to Terrance - you've been a winner in our hearts for many years. This national recognition is just icing on the cake!

Here's the video that St. Julien submitted to ABC's America's Favorite Videos.

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