The Lafayette man who has a video entered into America's Funniest Videos competition has introduced merchandise related to his video.

As we reported a few weeks back, Terrance St. Julien's video has been chosen as a finalist on ABC's America's Funniest Videos.

St. Julien, a Carencro native, was a videographer for both KLFY TV10 and KATC TV3, and is quite comfortable behind a camera.

Nowadays, most of his videos are in "Selfie" mode, and they feature either an inspirational message or a plea for help for someone in need.

afv Terrance St. Julien via Facebook
Terrance St. Julien via Facebook

The video that "Big T" entered into the contest shows him battling mosquitoes on a fishing trip over the summer.

As a finalist, we know that St. Julien's video will make him at least a little richer. If his video comes in 3rd, he'll win $4,000. A second-place finish would be awarded $6,000, and if his video gets first place, a $20,000 prize will be awarded AND his video is entered in the running for the series finale. The winner of the series finale walks away with $100,000!

We won't find out if his video makes it to the finale until the episode airs on December 11.

In the meantime, St. Julien is hustling, as he always does - he now has merchandise for sale related to the video.

Of course, the most quotable phrase in the video is his exclamation of "Louisiana gangster mosquitoes" because, as you can see in the video, those mosquitoes were relentless.

St. Julien has revealed a T-Shirt design with the words "Them Louisiana Gangsta Mosquitoes" emblazoned on the front.

He's offering them for sale on his personal Facebook page.

Let's hope he sells a few, as he's always looking for ways to raise money so he can continue to bless others.

Let's also hope that he wins big next week on America's Funniest Videos so he can make it to the finale and be in the running for the $100,000!

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