For all that we think we know about this time on the planet called "life," there is so much more that we don't know. We usually don't start thinking in such deep and infinite terms about the subject of life until we have lost someone who was a special part of ours.

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The past few weeks we have lost more than a few folks that many of us feel like we knew but actually never met. I would hazard to guess that most homes in America at some time have had a John Madden video game in them. We recently lost John.

Then there was Betty White's passing which saddened so many of us. I love the meme on social media sites that suggest that even though Betty was on the planet for 99 years, that just wasn't long enough.

betty white
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And it was just about a week ago that we learned of the passing of comedian and television host Bob Saget. Saget had already made a name for himself in the role of Danny Tanner on ABC's Full House when he accepted another role at the network as host of America's Funniest Home Videos. 

Bob Saget at an event
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Now, as good as Saget was in his role as Danny Tanner, I think he was most excellent at hosting AFV. That's because the videos, the live audience, the comedic gold that the videos provided were all excellent vehicles for Saget's wit and candor.

Last night, AFV paid tribute to Saget and his time on the show. Get out a tissue, you're going to need one.

In the clip, featured last night on the show and today on the AFV Instagram page,  we get a glimpse of some of what made Bob Saget the perfect host to launch the "clip show" which has been running for decades.

His talents will be missed and the laughter generated by that talent will be missed even more. Thank you Bob Saget for "laughs from coast to coast" they did make us smile. And you reminded us that sometimes the sound of laughter, especially when it's at ourselves, maybe the sweetest sound we will ever hear in this lifetime.

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