Duane "Dog" Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter is mourning the passing of David Robinson today. The famous bounty hunter and reality TV star called Robinson his "right-hand man of many years". The circumstances around Robinson's death are still being investigated but initial reports suggest Robinson suffered an undisclosed medical emergency on Wednesday.

Robinson's former wife, Rainy who also appeared on Dog's Most Wanted alongside Robinson confirmed the news on her Instagram Page yesterday.

As you can see, the post was quite brief and almost cryptic in nature. But she did offer more information when asked by TMZ about her ex-husband's death. According to the TMZ report, Robinson was in fact on a Zoom call when he suffered a medical issue. Paramedics were called to the scene but their efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Robinson's current wife Brooke made a more emotional post on her Facebook page concerning the passing of her husband.

In her post, Brooke wrote that "The rumors of a heart attack and stroke have already been ruled out". Needless to say, the cause of death is still under investigation. Mrs.Robinson also wrote in her post "David died in my arms".

Scott Olson, Getty Images

The series, Dog's Most Wanted was aired on WGN America from September 4th to November 6th, 2019. The short-lived series was a follow-up to previous reality shows starring Duane Champman including Dog the Bounty Hunter which aired on A&E and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt which was aired on CMT.

Final arrangments have not been confirmed as of this report but we do anticipate the family will be making those details available in the very near future. David Robinson was 50 at the time his passing on November 30th.

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