There has been little "public" movement in the search for Brian Laundrie the missing boyfriend/fiance of social media influencer Gabby Petito. However, it was reported that over the weekend celebrity bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman and his team did make an interesting discovery.

Kent Survival via YouTube
Kent Survival via YouTube

According to reports Chapman and his team have been searching in the area where Brian Laundrie is believed to be uncovered a very primitive and makeshift camp. There is no confirmation that this campsite was used or even visited by Laundrie but Dog and his team gathered evidence and information and turned that over to the FBI yesterday.

The well-known television bounty hunter says his group has received thousands of tips on his 833- TELL -DOG hotline. Many of those tips have centred around a particular campground in Florida where it is believed that Laundrie and his family camped in the days before he, Laundrie, disappeared.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Twitter
DogBountyHunter Via Twitter

Meanwhile, Laundrie's sister Cassie has spoken to the media about what she knows of the case. Chapman has labelled comments by Cassie Laundrie as untrue. Saying that the sibling of the missing man told authorities she had not seen her brother since he returned to Florida without Gabby Petito by his side.

A family attorney for the Laundrie family says that Cassie, the sister did in fact see her brother on September 1st at her home and again on September the 6th in Fort Desoto Park. Which is the park where searchers like Chapman have been focusing their efforts.

Chapman did allude to the fact that his team had left behind trail cameras in and around the recently discovered campsite. Those cameras were reportedly installed out of the site or camouflaged from view so that Laundrie or anyone else for that matter wouldn't even know they are there.

As of now, Brian Laundrie remains only a person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito. The FBI is searching for him because of unauthorized charges that were made on a debit card. That card was used to access two bank accounts on August 30th and September 1st. It is believed that the debit card belonged to the late Gabby Petito.

Meanwhile, the search for Brian Laundrie is ongoing.

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