It's probably no surprise that the guy behind the crazy 'Storm Area 51' movement that began on Facebook is from California.

Matty Roberts was interviewed by journalist George Knapp, who's written a lot about UFOs for decades now. Roberts tells Knapp that he created the Facebook page after watching an episode of Joe Rogan's podcast on UFOS that featured Bob Lazar, the man who made Area 51 famous when he claimed UFOS were being researched there in the 90s. Roberts admits he didn't realize the page would go viral or that some people would take it seriously and actually plan to 'storm' Area 51. As I recently pointed out, Area 51 is a real USAF training installation and lethal force has been used to keep trespassers away in the past.

Roberts jokes that he may be investigated by the FBI, but the truth is, he will now definitely be on not only their radar but that of the Dept. of Defense. Even suggesting the storming of a US military installation is a stupid idea that those in military and defense circles take very seriously. Time will tell just what this stunt will mean for Roberts.

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