The area known to the public as 'Area 51' is one the USAF will defend with lethal force if necessary.

This 'Storm Area 51' thing was pretty funny for a time, spawning lots of memes and chatter on social media. The notion, however, that someone 'can move faster than their  bullets' is downright idiotic. The USAF has a number of sites that it protects with deadly force when necessary because they are locations that contain secretive weapons and tech developments or military training. 'Area 51' is one such place. Signs posted at the area's perimeter read 'Use Of Deadly Force Authorized' and deadly force has been used to deter trespassers.

- in 2016, a British TV crew was arrested at gunpoint for simply approaching the Area 51. They were allegedly detained and searched by FBI agents for three hours before being heavily fined and released.

- a tour bus in 2014 accidentally drove into the area and were pulled over by soldiers with M - 16s before being fined and dismissed.

- in January of this year, a man approached the secured area carrying what was described as a 'cylindrical object.' He was shot and killed for failing to follow the guards' orders to leave the premises.

The bottom - line is that it would be a suicidal move to try and illegally approach any military base, especially in large numbers with an aggressive stance. Let's hope the people who are claiming they will 'storm' the Groom Lake facility will choose not to put their lives and those of U.S. servicemen and women in danger.

Source: IFL Science!


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