I knew tortoises lived a long time, but this caught me by surprise! There's a 187 year old tortoise living on the island of St. Helena. Epoch Times reports, Johnathan is 187 years old! He was born on Seychelles in the Indian Ocean in 1832. Johnathan was brought to St. Helena in 1882 at, age 50. Johnathan was presented as a gift to then governor William Grey-Wilson by British explorer Captain James Cook. He's resided at the governor's residence, Plantation House ever since. Johnathan has lived through 2 world wars, the Russian Revolution, and the terms of 39 U.S. presidents. Teeny Lucy, the chairperson of the local SPCA  said, “He is a grand old gentleman who has seen it all,” adding “Being the oldest land animal in the world, he has almost royal status here.”

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