A GoFundMe account has been set up to help defray the medical expenses of Donna Fontenot of Breaux Bridge.

Donna is a Lafayette native who now lives in Breaux Bridge, and she has a long history with our radio stations.

If you ever rode one of our radio stations' Party Buses to a concert (remember them?) or traveled to a cruise port with CJ and Debbie Ray from KTDY, you probably met Donna at the pre-cruise party. If you ever took a bus to a casino in Louisiana, you probably met Donna getting on board, as she worked in the coach industry for years. If you were a client at Miles Perret Cancer Services, Donna may have helped you navigate the road your life suddenly took.

We were even buying sandwiches from her when she was working at a Subway restaurant back in the 1980s in Lafayette. Before that, she was the "shop kid" at her dad's motorcycle shop. So many people in Acadiana have crossed paths with Donna and know just how giving she is.

via GoFundMe
via GoFundMe

Now it's our turn. Donna is a cancer survivor who is now dealing with the long-term effects of the treatment that saved her life. She has been in the hospital since December 24, 2020, fighting several issues including blood clots, COVID-19, and infections. December 24th. Christmas Eve. 119 days ago.

After all of that, the doctors recently hit her with some life-altering news: she needs to have a complete leg amputation.

Donna is on Medicare, which doesn't cover everything, so that's the reason for this GoFundMe. We are trying to help ease the financial burden of the things that won't be covered.

For many of us, news like this would knock us down, but not Donna - she is her usual optimistic and grateful self.

Whether you can contribute or not, please stop right now and say a prayer for Donna and everyone who is fighting a battle, many of them invisible.

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