Over the course of this past NFL season, most NFL defensive players had trouble putting New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram on the ground. He and fellow running back Alvin Kamara produced one of the most prolific running attacks in the league last year.

Ingram, however, was no match for a trained security dog as you can see in this video from the Twitter account of Marc Sessler.

That dog took Mark down hard. I am glad this was only training because I'd hate to think what a trained animal officer could do if he was legitimately asked to compromise a suspect.

Ingram and several other NFL stars are currently on a USO tour where they will have the chance to visit with our armed forces stationed around the globe. This video was shot near Venice Italy at Aviano Air Base and you can bet several NFL scouts are probably trying to contact that dog's handlers to see if he is available for next season.

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