Organizers of the 'March to End White Silence & Police Brutality' will be marching down the sidewalk of Camellia Boulevard, across the bridge, and return for speeches at the Lafayette Strong Pavilion.

Organizers of the protest say their first priority is for the protest to be peaceful. They spoke to officials with both the Lafayette City Police Department and the Lafayette Sheriff's Office. While they will be walking on the sidewalk, organizers say a few officers will be on the scene to help if there is a large crowd.

Another top priority of organizers is to be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in the event. Anyone wishing to be a part of the event is welcome to gather at the Lafayette Strong Pavilion next to St. Barnabus Church, everyone will walk down the sidewalk, across the bridge, and then return for a gathering at the pavilion for commentary. To hear yesterday's interview with one of the organizers, you can click here.

Today's event follow's last Sunday's peaceful protest at the corner of Johnston Street and University Avenue on the campus of the University of Louisiana Lafayette. President of the university, Dr. Joseph Savoie, said in a press release, he was thankful to everyone who participated in maintaining a peaceful event.

Next week on Sunday, June 14,  there will be another event called The March for Police Accountability and Black Lives. If you wish to participate, people are being asked to meet on the sidewalk at the intersection of Grand Park Drive and South College near Girard Park.

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