A man stuck in really bad traffic had to use the bathroom so bad, he dialed 911 to get help. Exactly what kind of help he thought he could get from the police I'm not sure.

Has your grandmother or mother ever told you to never leave the house in a dirty pair of underwear? Well, it's probably a good idea to make sure you use the bathroom before you leave as well...

Man Calls 911 Because He Has To Pee

You've heard the saying "poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine"? Well, this 38-second 911 call from an Ontario man is the living, breathing example of that saying.

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Peel Regional Police has released the audio from a 911 call they received "after a man called the emergency line to report he had to go pee while stuck in traffic"  according to toronto.ctvnews.ca.

At first, the man tells the 911 operator he needs an ambulance, then says he needs the police.

When the operator asks what the emergency is, he's not completely sure he's heard what he thinks he's heard.

"The thing is I have to pee and these guys are not moving." 

The 911 operator asks "This is your emergency? That you have to pee? And how are the police going to help you urinate?"

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Peel Regional Police released the audio to remind people that calling 911 that misusing 911 can potentially prevent someone with a life-threatening emergency from getting help on time.

Ya know, I have a rule of always making sure I'm...let's say empty before I leave to go anywhere. The last thing I want to have happen is to get stuck in traffic when I really need to use the bathroom. A little planning on the front end can help a catastrophe on the back end.

Did I actually just say that?

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