A doorbell camera captured the moment a man heroically fought off a bear in order to protect his two small dogs. The man was able to react to the bear's advances onto his porch before using a bench to block the entrance and the video is going viral.


The scene begins on a screened in porch where this man was seemingly going to enter his home. That is, of course, until he gets quite the shock from an unwelcome visitor.


The man swiftly turns around to find a bear going after one of his small dogs. Without delay, the man runs straight at the bear in order to save his precious pup.


In one moment, the man was actually on top of the bear at he attempted to wrestle the animal out of his porch area. Thankfully, the bear backed off and the man was able to use the bench to barricade the area for a moment.

Check out the full video from @FredSchultz35 on Twitter below.

Many on social media immediately wondered if the dogs were ok.

Though lots of speculation, the conclusion on Twitter is that the man's two dogs were safe from the bear attack.

One person on Twitter pointed out that black bears are not fond of dogs and that he fears an encounter with a bear of any kind when outdoors.

Some self-defense aficionados admired the bravery and form the man utilized in order to ward off the beast.

In any situation, bears are absolutely terrifying. It is so bizarre to me that there are many places in the country where bear encounters are commonplace. Surprisingly enough, this is the second time in the past year that we have seen surveillance footage of a pet-owner fighting off a bear to protect their own animals.

Twitter via @9livesrock via TikTok @bakedlikepie
Twitter via @9livesrock via TikTok @bakedlikepie

While I can pretend that I would go nose-to-nose with a bear if it meant protecting my dog, to actually be in that situation must be a nightmare. These people don't even seem to think before coming to their pets aid, it is all reflex and instinct.

So bravo to anyone who has ever physically warded off a dangerous animal such as a bear in order to protect the ones they love most.

More on social media reacted to the insane clip.

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