Mammosine 2018

The 2018 Mammosine rolled on National Mammography Day, Friday, October 19. Pam and Lisa met Debbie Ray and Bernadette Lee at KTDY (our other winners had to cancel at the last minute) and off we went to the Breast Center of Acadiana to get our Mammograms. Aimee and Dr. Matthews had more prizes for the winners when we arrived, too! Next stop was Romacelli, where we celebrated the fact that we got our mammies grammed with a delicious lunch. Then we got back in the Mammosine, from Limousines Ltd., and scooted across the River Ranch Town Square to Nouriche where Blaine and Dr. Cobb had even more surprises for the whole group!

Thanks to Breast Center of Acadiana, Limousines Ltd, Romacelli River Ranch, and Nouriche for supporting breast cancer awareness and for treating our winners to a super special day!

One more thing: Ladies, talk to your mothers and daughters and friends, and if it's time, just get your mammogram done!

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