When I shop for shrimp, I insist on domestic, wild caught. Shrimp imported from China & Vietnam are significantly cheaper than those from the Gulf of Mexico. You get what you pay for! About 40% of the shrimp sold in the US comes from the gulf. A significant portion also comes from Maine. Wild caught shrimp live & grow in open water. The ones imported from countries like China & Vietnam are raised on farms, often under unsanitary conditions. They're treated with antibiotics that are illegal in the US, because they've been linked to cancer. Here's more bad news. The Epoch Times reported, some Chinese seafood distributors are injecting shrimp with gelatin to make them larger & plumper. Some are using "harmless" edible gelatin made from collagen. Other are using toxic silicone gel, that's manufactured for use in paint and similar products. Chinese authorities are reportedly not very interested in doing much about it.




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