We have some important information to share with you in regard to eye drops that you may be using today.

The FDA has announced a major recall and it includes 26 over-the-counter brands that are sold at some major retailers.

According to the report, the products that are part of this recall are sold under the following brands:

  • CVS Health
  • Leader (Cardinal Health)
  • Rugby (Cardinal Health)
  • Rite Aid
  • Target Up&Up
  • Velocity Pharma

Those using the brands part of this recall may experience eye irritations, infections, or even blindness. Thus, that is why the FDA is urging consumers to stop using the eye drops listed in this latest recall.

The FDA says that CVS, Rite Aid, and Target are removing the products from their store shelves and websites. Some other brands may still have the eye drops available, and you should proceed with caution.

Investigators reportedly found the products listed in this recall in unsanitary conditions while under manufacture.

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If there's any good news here, the FDA reports that they have not yet received any reports on adverse reactions to the eye drops under this recall.

Here's a complete list of the eye drops under the recall, and if you have any eye drops in your possession, you are encouraged to check and see if they are on this list.


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