Early morning fog may be responsible for the major pileup on I-55 in Louisiana.

According to WBRZ, at least 20 vehicles, or more, were involved in a major accident on I-55 near the Tangipahoa Parish line.

Foggy conditions posed a danger for thousands of drivers in south Louisiana Monday morning, and now State Police say the conditions early Monday morning may have played a role in this tragic incident.

Sadly, two people were killed in this massive pileup and many more were injured.

Clarencia Reed
Clarencia Reed

As you can see in the Facebook video below, many bystanders rushed to assist those who were involved in this wreck.

Vehicles can be seen smashed up on each other and some trucks even appear to have been lifted off of the interstate and are propped up on another vehicle.

The major pile-up caused heavy traffic delays in the area and a number of commuters reported being stuck in traffic for hours.

Here's the video from the scene on I-55 this morning.

Here's another look at the severity of the crash this morning. Now, reports say smoke from a marsh fire may have also added to the poor visibility in the area Monday morning.

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