UPDATE: Ambassador Caffery is now open after this morning's crash.

UPDATE: The driver of a dump truck that was involved in this crash has died.

Ambassador Caffery in both the northbound and southbound directions is closed at this time along with its intersection with Guilbeau Road after a major crash involving a large truck and two other vehicles.

Senior Corporal Bridgette Dugas tells KPEL that one driver had no injuries, and the other driver only had minor injuries.

The driver of the truck hit the vehicles then ultimately hit a power pole. The intersection is still closed as officials are trying to right the pole and clear the crash. The pole is across the roadway, and that is the reason that Lafayette Police Department officials are asking people to steer clear of Ambassador Caffery and Guilbeau Road at this time.

There is a question as to whether or not the driver of the dump truck might have had a medical or other type of emergency.

There is power out in that area due to the crash. The crash was first reported at around 1:25 Friday morning.





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