Regardless of your political/social leanings, burning perfectly serviceable clothing/shoes does no good. Donating those serviceable clothes and shoes does a LOT of good!

Recently, Nike signed Colin Kaepernick as their "face" and some people are upset about that decision. There are some who think that Kaepernick's protest is a slap in the face to our military, our veterans and our country as a whole. Others think that a silent protest is one of the rights for which our veterans have fought and continue to fight.

Regardless of you stance on the issue, there are people in this world who need shoes and clothing. If you no longer care to own your Nike-branded gear, I urge you to donate that gear to the needy. Locally, Kim Broussard of Abbeville collects shoes to be distributed to the needy.

Or bag up your clothes and drop them off at the Hand-Up Thrift Store off of Johnston Street on Leonie St., or any charity of your choice. Homeless shelters, religious charities, veterans' homes - there are so many places that your clothes/shoes can do great work.

I understand the anger coming from Nike's decision. Nationalism can bring out the best and the worst in people; be one of the people in the "best" category.

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