Winter Storm 2021 has had such an impact on our lives - affecting our roads of travel, closing businesses, and even causing power outages, just to name a few.

It's also affected certain water supplies across Acadiana as boil advisories and conservation requests have been issued and made.

Now, LUS is asking its customers in Lafayette Parish to conserve their water during these freezing temperatures as water officials try to maintain sufficient water pressure in the system.

"Damage from frozen and burst pipes in the system can cause a drop in water pressure along with an overuse of water by customers," says LUS public information specialist Alex Antonowitsch. "If water pressure drops below a certain threshold, customers will need to boil water before use."

LUS officials are asking customers to turn off any faucets that may be left on or left running overnight as well as reduce washing machine and dishwasher usage.

Also, if you have water issues or experience a burst pipe, please call LUS at (337) 291-5700.

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