"Girl in the Picture" on Netflix is the latest documentary that has people texting friends and family "OMG have you watched this yet?!?". Did you know there's an important Louisiana connection to the hit documentary?


'Girl in the Picture" On Netflix

Before we go any further...if you haven't watched "Girl in the Picture" there are going to be some spoilers in this story. However, we'll keep the spoilers to a minimum.

To even begin to try and accurately describe what "Girl in the Picture" is about is...tough.

It's heavy subject material. Really heavy.

From Netflix -

"The jaw-dropping true crime story of a search to solve a 30-year-old mystery: who was Sharon Marshall, and why was her real identity unknown to everyone - even her?"

"Girl in the Picture" is based on the international bestseller A Beautiful Child as well as the follow-up, Finding Sharon from journalist Matt Birkbeck.

The books and the documentary center around a teenager Sharon Marshall.

Sharon is described by her former high school classmates as a brilliant student, a kind and thoughtful friend, and a beautiful young woman. The kind of girl other girls wanted to be like and all of the boys wanted to date.

Sharon Marshall Girl In The Photograph
YouTube Via Netflix

However, what her classmates didn't know was the bizarre, abusive, terrifying horror show of a life Sharon endured behind closed doors when she went home.

We won't reveal any more so we don't spoil too many details if you haven't watched it yet, and there is a whole lot more to the story...wow.

But what we will talk about is how Sharon Marshall's tragic story is connected to South Louisiana.

Sharon Marshall's Connection To Louisiana

According to the documentary, Sharon Marshall had three children.

Again, to avoid as many spoilers as we can for you we're only going to focus on one of those children.

Tonya Hughes Girl In The Picture
YouTube Via Netflix

While living in New Orleans, Sharon Marshall gave birth to her third child. According to "Girl in the Picture", Sharon and Warren Marshall "made" the decision to give the child up for adoption.

From thecinemaholic.com -

"She and Floyd approached the attorney’s office to put up her third child for adoption about six weeks before she was born. They’d given the argument that they were not financially capable of raising another child."

Until you watch the documentary, don't get hung up on the Warren Marshall/Floyd name inconsistencies above.

Sharon's beautiful, healthy little baby girl was adopted by Mary and Dean Dufresne, a loving Louisiana couple from New Orleans.

That beautiful, healthy little baby girl is Megan Dufresne who currently lives in Ponchatoula.

According to thecinemaholic.com, Megan, a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University, "works as a Research Coordinator at Covington Ortho and Sports Med Clinic."

Megan married Jacob Dufreche in 2021, and the couple has two children.

There ya go, and believe it or not, we somehow managed to keep spoilers pretty minimal. The tragic story of Sharon Marshall told in the new Netflix documentary "Girl in the Picture" has so many twists and turns, that we could give you a play-by-play and it wouldn't accurately even scratch the surface.

"Girl in the Picture" is streaming now on Netflix.

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