"Accepted", a new documentary about local T.M. Landry College Prep School is now available for streaming, and as avclub.com describes, the film captures "the school's fall from grace in real-time."

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T.M. Landry College Preparatory School Documentary 'Accepted'

T.M. Landry College Preparatory School in Breaux Bridge began receiving national attention back in 2016 as videos began going viral showing local, Acadiana students and families exploding with joy as they received their college acceptance notifications.

T.M. Landry touted a mind-blowing 100% college acceptance rate, with 32% being accepted to Ivy League colleges such as Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

T.M. Landry Prep
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Documentarian Dan Chen and his crew began filming the 2019 graduating class at T.M. Landry, documenting the student's journies and hard work throughout the school year leading up to the life-changing moment they received their college acceptance notices.

However, as those of us in Acadiana know, that all began to unravel in late 2018 after a front-page article from The Washington Post came out "detailing T.M. Landry’s history of abuse and doctored transcripts" as reported by avclub.com.

Dan Chen and his film crew were there through all of it, and obviously, the documentary took a very unexpected turn.

T.M. Landry Documentary
YouTube Via Comingsoon.net

From avclub.com -

"Filmmaker Dan Chen and his crew witness the ship going down firsthand. Interviews with students from this point on are conducted in a studio. Curiously, the first half features no such confessionals—and the film is candid about falling for Landry’s media savvy and carefully cultivated image."

"Access" has quite a few people you might recognize or know, including students Alicia Simon, Isaac Smith, Cathy Bui, Adia Sabatier, and more including T.M. Landry staff.

The T.M. Landry documentary "Access" is streaming now on iTunes, Prime Video, Apple TV, and on-demand.

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