A Louisiana zoo is hoping to get the public's help in naming its new baby orangutan. While the infant Sumatran orangutan has had its struggles since birth, the path towards progress seems optimistic as doctors at the Audubon Zoo work to get this endangered animal to a proper state of health.


The Audubon Zoo's team of doctors has been hard at work nursing this infant Sumatran orangutan through its early days. Unfortunately, this animal's twin did not make it through the birthing process. To add to the struggles, the orangutan's mother was not able to produce milk to feed her baby.


You see, Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered so the importance of this animal's health and eventual growth cannot be understated. Thankfully, the team at the zoo in New Orleans have been making slow but steady progress in getting this infant to a good place.


Staff has been feeding the infant monkey with a bottle in order to provide it nutrients. They then return the orangutan back to its mother in order to establish an understanding that the humans provide food, while the mother there to be clung to per the report.

Twitter via @WAFB
Twitter via @WAFB

Now, this is where the fun begins. As the infant orangutan progresses, the Zoo is looking to officially give it a name. Even though the animal was born on Christmas Eve of 2021, handlers have still been working at narrowing down potential names. Now, it is up to you!

Here are the options for the baby orangutan's name that are available for the public's vote per the zoo's website.

  • Rudy - "short for Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in honor of the infant's December 24 birthday and the name of Notre Dame football's famous underdog who beat the odds"
  • Roux - "French for a reddish brown like the color of an orangutan's fur and the thickening base used to make gumbo"
  • Maymuun - "a name meaning fortune, blessed, or one who thrives in Sumatra, the native habitat of Sumatran orangutans"

How to vote for the name of the Audubon Zoo's new baby orangutan

To cast your vote for what the Audubon Zoo should name their critically endangered Sumatran orangutan infant, simply click HERE.

Personally, I love Rudy or Roux. I'll have to take some time to decide on which one is the best fit for this precious animal.

See the report on the story from @WAFB on Twitter below.

Hopefully everyone around Louisiana has the opportunity to go and say hello to this amazing animal for many years to come. Of course, don't forget about our friends out at Zoosiana here in Acadiana that have many animals waiting for you to pay them a visit!

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