The body of a 98-year-old WWII veteran David Saunders was finally returned home to his family over the weekend.

David Saunders passed away about a month ago from Covid-19. David's last wish was to have his body donated to science however that is not what happened, instead, his body was dissected in front of a live audience in a Marriot Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Harold Adkins, David Saunder’s nephew, told WBRZ that the return of his uncle’s body gave his family “some closure” and plans to have a memorial for his uncle very soon.

"It's infuriating," Kim Dileo, Chief Medicolegal Death Investigator for Multnomah County in Oregon, said. "For those of us who are in this profession, we advocate strongly for the deceased and their families. To see that take place is a huge violation of what everything that we stand for."

Kim Dileo heard about the lab class from a colleague and went out of her way to get the event shut down. She was successful in getting the initial hotel to cancel the event but did not have the same luck when it came to the second hotel.

"I was very clear with the nature of the event, the concerns surrounding the event," Dileo said. "It was pretty frustrating that it wasn't canceled."

Now that David's body is back in Louisiana hopefully his family can find peace and comfort knowing he is close to them and they can start to heal from this very confusing and painful time.

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