One of the industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic was the restaurant industry. According to the Louisiana Restaurant Association, many of its members are just now starting to get their feet back under them because of the interruption brought on by lockdowns. In fact, many of those establishments are still finding it hard to completely fill all the positions they need to be filled to operate at 100%.

I can only imagine the stress and strain that is creating among foodservice professionals. There is still the desire to provide great food and exemplary service but without a full staff sometimes customer wait times have grown longer than many consumers are willing to tolerate.

This becomes especially troubling when you consider that most waiters, waitresses, and bartenders live off of the tips they earn for great service. Since many of us are shortsighted and hold the wait staff responsible for kitchen shortages and staff shortages sometimes those tips aren't what they need to be. To make matters worse, there is really nothing a server can do other than smile, say thank you, and move on to the next table.



While those servers might be quiet and polite when they're working around you, we asked some of our friends in the service industry, "what about your customers bugs you the most"? Some of these answers are going to sting just a little. But then again, the truth has been known to hurt.

So, if you happen to "see yourself" in any of these complaints you might want to consider altering your behavior. Because people deserve to be treated with respect and more than a few of these servers told us tales of what could happen to your food if you get too rude with the waitstaff.

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