Preparing for a hurricane is never any fun. Getting ready for two hurricanes six weeks apart, even less enjoyable.

The folks in southwest Louisiana are "enjoying" just that as we brace for Hurricane Delta's arrival later today. But if you have the wit and ingenuity of Richard Faulk, then your home will be just fine.

As you'll see in the pictures below shared by KPLC's Jillian Corder, Mr. Faulk of Grand Lake, is going to the proverbial well one more time with his hay bale barrier.

That's right, Faulk used stacks of round hay bales to surround his home and protect it from Hurricane Laura. It worked and he's doing it again for Hurricane Delta.

For reference, Grand Lake is located in Cameron Parish, south of Lake Charles.

We sure hope this works again for you Mr. Faulk.

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