A few years ago before a tropical storm came through Acadiana, I was cutting my grass and thought "Ya know, I wonder if I should wait...maybe the taller grass might help hold backwater".

Well, I figured I was crazy because I am but, as it turned out I was actually kind of on to something.

Andres Siimon via Unsplash.com
Andres Siimon via Unsplash.com

Should I Cut My Grass Before A Hurricane?

The Facebook page The Urban Naturalist says that indeed, longer grass can possibly help you to avoid potential flooding. They say that "If everyone waited to cut the grass until after, we could potentially hold a lot more water in our soil by letting nature help us out."

This makes sense to me. Also, it can help to keep the drains a little emptier and free of yard clippings.

Taller grass can help reduce soil erosion and flooding by slowing down the flow of rainwater. The longer blades of grass act as a barrier, absorbing more water and allowing it to seep into the ground more effectively.

Petar Tonchev via Unsplash.com
Petar Tonchev via Unsplash.com

Shorter grass is also more likely to get ripped out by strong winds, creating more debris.

Keeping the grass longer can help prevent this, as the grass is better anchored in the soil.

So if you've been stressing with your storm prep wondering when you'll find the time to get the yard done, don't sweat it. Leave it long!

Below is the post from The Urban Naturalist.

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