So many people in Louisiana love to hit the streets or roads while on a bicycle, but did you know that Louisiana is one of the most dangerous states in the country to ride a bike?

If you were not aware of that statistic, we'll explain here just how dangerous it is to ride your bicycle in Louisiana.

According to a study by Sweeny Merigan Law LLLP, Louisiana is one of the most dangerous states to ride a bike in and the number of fatalities involving cyclists is alarming.

The study reports that in 2021, 34 people in Louisiana were killed while on a bike. In all, 972 fatalities were reported that year on the roads in our state.


Out of all 50 states, Louisiana ranks 2nd as the most dangerous state to ride your bike in. At number one, it is the state of Florida.

We mention Florida here because so many people from Louisiana vacation in the "Sunshine State" and cycling is a hobby of many while there, so please be safe.

Wrapping up the Top-3 for most dangerous states to cycle in is the beautiful state of Arizona.

So, if you are out on a bike, remember to wear reflector gear with a helmet and always be on the lookout for those driving vehicles. As a cyclist, you are also required to obey many of the traffic laws and you need to be aware of your surroundings.

If you're curious as to which state is the safest to ride your bike in, the law firm's study says it's the state of Wesr Virginat, followed by South Dakota.

Again, we cannot stress this enough, if you are on a bike, be safe and make certain that those in vehicles can see you at all times, and never travel in turning lanes while on your bike.

It is also worth noting that according to the study, riding your bike in the evening hours, specifically in the late fall hours, is the most dangerous time of the day to ride your bike.


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