A man in Opelousas, Louisiana is being applauded by many on social media for taking his dog into consideration when it came time to travel.

The man on the bike attached a small pink toy truck to the front of his bike so that his dog could ride in it, rather than having to walk the entire way.

As you can see in the photos that have gone viral on social media, the man even has a jug of water in his hand for either him and/or his dog.

Yes, like many on social media, we too agree that this man loves his dog and has taken it into consideration while going through the city.

While this may look like a simple contraption to some, it did take some planning and the man on the bike did a great job thinking ahead here.

We should also note here that the dog in the small truck seems to be really enjoying the ride.

Here are more photos of the man traveling along a roadway in Opelousas, with his dog in tow.

Here's what some are saying about this viral post and photos out of St. Landry Parish.

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