Often I am sure you hear people complaining about traffic and how people drive. I know that I complain about traffic issues pretty much all the time. I hear from others who can't believe the way they see people drive these days. You can notice all kinds of things like people who take a U-turn right in the middle of Johnston Street, or someone so distracted by their phone they drive into your lane.

Here is the problem though, even if you observe someone doing something in traffic that you think is dangerous, you can't do anything you want to stop that person or the flow of traffic.

A situation similar to this, according to a KATC report, unfolded last week, and now a man is facing several charges for his alleged actions.

According to Duson officials, this is how things unfolded. Duson Police Kip Judice says 19 students on a bus and their coach were on a bus going down Cameron Street, when a blue truck pulled up alongside them, waving his hands. Some students thought the man might also have a gun. The truck then pulled in front of the bus and stopped. This forced the bus to stop.

The coach and students say the man then got out of his truck to bang on the side window of the bus. The coach, who was driving, would not open the window. Eventually, the driver of the truck fled from the scene.

Officials identified the driver of the truck as 64-year-old Kenneth Navarre of Acadia Parish went into the Duson Police Department on June 7 to give his side of the story. What Navarre told Duson authorities was that he believed the bus was driving in an erratic manner. He pulled in front of the bus and stopped it to get the driver's name to report it to school authorities.

Duson Police Chief Kip Judice along with other law enforcement in the area collected surveillance video of the situation. Judice just wants drivers to remember that stopping another vehicle in a lane of travel is dangerous.

Judice told KATC what someone should do if they see someone they perceive as driving recklessly,

Citizens should never stop another vehicle but call 911 to report aggressive or reckless driving o that law enforcement can investigate and stop the violators.

Navarre was charged with the following:

  • Reckless operation of a vehicle
  • Aggravated obstruction of a highway
  • 19 counts of simple assault
  • One count of simple assault on an educator by a non-student

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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