Devin Snow is his name, but you likely know him simply by Hold The Mayo. His reviews have gone viral and that has brought the tradition of red beans and rice on Mondays to the whole world. But, the side dish to all of this 'rb&r' talk is Devin himself. He's hilarious and far from your typical influencer.

To me, his St. Bernard accent feels like home. Much in the way the subject of the Netflix documentary The Pharmacist did. But Devin Snow isn't tackling heavy topics like drug addiction. He's bringing thousands of people together for the creamy goodness that is red beans and rice. You can't help but smile with his takes on New Orleans area classics like Lakeside Mall and why Amazon is no match for it!

This was "my" mall growing up in Mandeville. Had to cross the bridge for a real mall back then. ***WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE***

Snow took a big risk in 2019 and quit his full-time job to form Hold The Mayo LLC. What started as a hobby has become a passion project that has gained him attention around the world. This week, Devin Snow was featured on WDSU news in New Orleans.

The pandemic happened and it seemed like the content Snow was producing was just what the doctor ordered. He created a feeling of community at a time when people felt very much apart. This is why the internet is great. Folks like Devin showcasing something that means so much to our region. And bringing people together over red beans and rice.

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