It's hard to put a fine point on exactly what stresses people out. Everyone has a different threshold on what gives them stress. We have many things in Louisiana to relieve all of this. Great food, great music and plenty of festivals almost every weekend for us to cut loose and unwind. Apparently, it's not enough. did a report on the "Most Stressed States In The Country" and here's what they found.

According to, the top 3 most stressed states are -

1) Alabama
2) Louisiana
3) Mississippi

To arrive at this determination, they broke down stress in five different ways. Work stress, family stress, money stress, health stress and safety stress. They also factored in things like average hours of work per week, average commute, bankruptcy rate, housing affordability and suicide rate.

All of things considered, Louisiana comes in with a score stress score of 56.22.

"Some of the other interesting finding for Louisiana:

  • No. 4 in lowest credit score
  • No. 3 in highest % of population living below poverty line
  • No. 4 in highest divorce rate
  • No. 4 in highest % of adults in fair/poor health
  • No. 1 in fewest psychologists per capita

According to the findings, typically northern states have lower stress, in general. Iowa, North Dakota and Minnesota were the least stressed states, respectively, according to the findings."

I know you're probably stressed out now by finding out you're already one of the most stressed out people in the country, but there's a lot more information over at



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